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Sumner Redstone's Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Mogul's Daughter of Using Staff to Spy on Her

By TheBlast Staff

Sumner Redstone’s former girlfriend, Sydney Holland, is accusing the media mogul’s daughter of conspiring with his nursing staff to spy on their private conversations, including discussion of their sex life.

Holland was in court last week and filed new docs in the years-long battle with Sumner’s daughter, Shari Redstone.

The filing claims that the information gathered in the private convos was being used by Shari to try and gain control of Viacom against her ailing father's wishes.

Back in 2013, Sumner sued Holland accusing her of manipulating him for years and elder abuse. He sought to reclaim $150 million in gifts he gave Holland and another companion.

But Holland believed his daughter was actually behind the lawsuit and ended up counter-suing Shari, claiming she was cut out of Sumner's estate planning despite having cared for the 94-year-old billionaire for years … and being promised tens of millions of dollars.

In the new court docs, Holland describes how Shari allegedly concocted a scheme to spy on her daily in an effort to kick her out of Sumner’s life.

She claims Shari hired a private investigator to gather information on her in 2013. Once the P.I. came up empty, Holland claims Shari then came up with a plan to use her money and influence to infiltrate Holland and Sumner’s residence and gather private and confidential information to use to her advantage.

Holland claims they used Sumner’s nursing and household staff to spy on their conversations about marriage and adoption. She also claims Shari paid the nurses to record their confidential conversations, which showed them talking about family planning, legal affairs, health, marriage, sex life and daily activities.

Holland says Shari used the information to kick her out of the home and block her from communicating with Sumner. She is suing Shari for violation of privacy claiming she lost her relationship with Redstone. She also wants to be included in his estate plan, which would award her half of the Beverly Park mansion, one-half of his cash, bonds, stocks and much money.

The case is still ongoing.

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