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Stormy Daniels Claimed to Have Zero Photos, Videos Of Trump When She First Wanted to Sell Story

By TheBlast Staff

Stormy Daniels did not have any videos, photos or texts of Donald Trump when she first decided to sell the story about their alleged sexual encounter ... this according to people she initially contacted while considering her financial expectations.

The Blast spoke to legendary male porn star Randy Spears, who co-starred with Stormy on features like "Operation: Desert Stormy" and "Space Nuts."

He says that one day "Stormy walked up to me on a porn set, during lunch break, and told me she had been with Donald Trump," to which he responded "You bagged a billionaire, good for you." Later, Spears claims Stormy called him to ask if he thought she'd be able to sell the story to the media.

"Stormy never mentioned having any proof to back up her claim," he says. At the time, Stormy was advised that the claim was going to be a "he said, she said situation," because the only connection to Trump she could prove was the now-infamous photo of the two at a golf event.

He said Stormy also claimed to have phone numbers for Trump, his security officer and his assistant, but that was the extent of the proof.

Spears is adamant Stormy was asked many times if she had any other evidence of the night, but she always responded, "No."


In 2011, Stormy sat for a polygraph test on her alleged encounter with Trump, and Spears says the lie-detector test was administered in the first place because she thought it would help her claim due to the lack of "hard evidence." Spears says he too sat for the same polygraph test to prove that Stormy had revealed the same details to him.

56-year-old Spears believes Stormy's account and doesn't think she has any reason to lie, but thinks it's odd that when Anderson Cooper asked the porn star during her "60 Minutes" interview if she was holding back information, Stormy just gave the answer: "I can't answer that right now, my attorney has recommended that I don't discuss those things."

Spears thinks there is always a chance Stormy kept videos and photos top-secret, but thinks it's suspect that she never offered that information when she approached her peers for advice on going to market. He flat out admits, "If she had any texts, pictures or videos proving her story, she would have produced them right away."

Stormy's attorney, Michael Avenatti, has been teasing a CD insinuating there is media of the alleged affair, but the porn star's original group of advisors claim to have never been made privy to anything of the sort. We're told up until Avenatti's possible revelation, Stormy has never mentioned anything about photos, video or texts.

The Blast reached out to Marc Harris, the attorney for Stormy's ex-manager who represented the star when she received the $130,000 payment from Trump's attorney, but had "No comment."

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