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Stormy Daniels Imposter Allegedly Swindling Fans with Promises of Escort Services

By TheBlast Staff

An imposter is pretending to be Stormy Daniels on social media and offering up escort services to men in exchange for money and gift cards, only to go MIA on the alleged Johns after receiving the cash ... and the real Stormy is pissed.

According to our sources, Stormy was recently contacted by three male fans via her now verified social media accounts (she only became verified on Twitter and Instagram last week). They reached out to inform her someone was pretending to be her on social media. The person was even using her photo and name on the profiles.

The men say they direct messaged the fake Stormy and the imposter responded to them as if she was the porn star. They claim the imposter would carry on a conversation with the men and offer to escort for them in exchange for money, sent via cash apps, or Amazon gift cards.

After the men obliged, they say the fake Stormy ghosted when it came time to meet up.

During one such conversation, the fake Stormy talked about her son needing to buy something and asked if the fan could purchase him an Amazon gift card. The problem with that request ... the real Stormy doesn't have a son.

Stormy Daniels text

Eventually, the fans caught on and when Stormy’s Instagram account became verified, they reached out to break the news that she had an imposter who was grifting her devoted fans.

We're told Stormy was furious that "some a**hole" was tricking her fans into shelling out cash. She was so thankful to those who let her know what was going on, she called one to thank them (NOT LIKE THAT)!

Stormy reported the fake accounts to Instagram and Twitter ... but as always, a good rule of thumb: if it's too good to be true, it's usually because a porn star imposter is looking to steal your cash.

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