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Stormy Daniels Fights to Keep Battle With Donald Trump In the Public Eye

By TheBlast Staff

Stormy Daniels may have a new loophole to keeping her war with Donald Trump in the public arena, because she claims the President never signed his name on the dotted line of their agreement, so it doesn't even exist.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Stormy's lawyer wants a court to decide if the 2016 agreement can be enforceable if Trump never signed the documents.

In a declaration by Stormy, she says, "Until approximately February of this year, I was unaware that Mr. Trump did not sign the Settlement Agreement, and I had no idea that Mr. Trump would later claim that he was not a party to the Settlement Agreement."

She says, "Had I known that Mr. Trump was not going to sign both documents or that he was going to later claim that he was not a party to the Settlement Agreement, I would have never signed either document nor would I have accepted the $130,000 payment."

Stormy's attorney is arguing that although her agreement was exclusively negotiated with the company that handled the payment, Essential Consultants, they don't believe a valid contract between Stormy and Trump exists, and therefore doesn't require any arbitration.

Arbitration between the two parties would be behind closed doors, but Stormy wants her day in court and to keep all the details public.

As we first reported, Stormy also sat down with a sketch artist to get a visual mockup of the man she claims threatened to silence her from going public with the story in 2011.

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