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'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel Subpoenas Co-Star Patricia Altschul to Question Her About Kathryn Dennis

By TheBlast Staff

"Southern Charm" star Thomas Ravenel wants to grill his former reality show co-star, Patricia Altschul, to get information he thinks might help his case against ex Kathryn Dennis and Bravo.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the 77-year-old Altschul is asking a South Carolina judge not to force her to be deposed by Ravenel in his custody battle with Dennis.

Altschul is a socialite who stars on "Southern Charm" and her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, executive produces the reality show. She is a close friend of Kathryn Dennis.

Ravenel fired off a subpoena seeking to question her about Dennis and Bravo, and about his claim they colluded together.

She says she is only “involved” in his matter because she is a character on a TV show. Altschul says she does not want to be involved in this case for either party.

Altschul’s lawyer points out that his client is a female in her seventies “who should not be subjected to hours of questioning regarding issues that are totally irrelevant to this case.” She says Ravenel's attempt to depose her is nothing more than harassment.

Altschul argues Ravenel can get the information he seeks from other witnesses and wants a judge to shut down the subpoena.

The judge has yet to rule.

Southern Charm cast photos
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Back in November 2018, Thomas Ravenel filed a lawsuit against Bravo and “Southern Charm” producers demanding a judge stop them from broadcasting unaired footage on the show.

Ravenel filed the docs as part of his custody battle with Dennis. She filed for primary custody of the children back in October.

Dennis had her custody taken away in 2016 after failing a drug test but was awarded joint custody this year after completing rehab and staying clean.

In his suit against Bravo, Ravenel says the network and “Southern Charm” producers “encouraged” his ex to file for custody against him to create drama on the show. He is demanding Dennis not be awarded primary custody despite her request.

Ravenel, who is about to be on trial for an alleged sexual assault in South Carolina, claimed he learned that Bravo and producers have unaired footage of his kids and ex talking about the legal battle and it was to be aired on the upcoming season.

The reality star sued demanding a South Carolina judge prohibit the sensitive footage from airing on the show.

Thomas Ravenel would later file docs accusing Dennis of buying drugs from friends and show producers and even accused her of committing a hit-and-run.

Kathryn Dennis fired back denying the allegations and demanded the lawsuit be dismissed. She accused him of past drug use and claimed he hired a private eye to follow her allegedly in violation of the restraining order in place.

The custody battle is ongoing.

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