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Selena Gomez’s Australian Yacht Is Insane: Check it Out!

If you want to relax like Selena Gomez on a fancy yacht next time you’re in Australia — no problem — just be prepared to drop some major cash.

According to our maritime sources, Selena was basking in the sun on a 50 foot yacht called M.V. Birchgrove over the weekend.  The luxury vessel includes hot water showers, air conditioning, Foxtel television service, WiFi and Bose entertainment systems.

An 8-hour charter on the M.V. Birchgrove will set you back $5,000.  It can also be rented for an overnight accommodation, and even has the option of an onboard chef for $320.

We’re told Selena’s viewing her vacay to Sydney as a “girls trip” and has been trying to clear her head since the recent cooling off with Justin Bieber.

Spending time on a floating paradise is not a bad place to do a little soul searching.