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Wife of Former NBA Player Sebastian Telfair Claims He's Violent and Suicidal

By TheBlast Staff

The estranged wife of former NBA player Sebastian Telfair is afraid to have him around their kids because she believes he is "unstable and violent" and has threatened suicide on numerous occasions.

Samantha Telfair filed for (and was granted) a temporary restraining order against Sebastian after she claimed he showed up to her house on January 12, 2018 and smashed her windshield and destroyed a video doorbell device.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Samantha says Sebastian "has become increasingly hostile, unstable and violent." She says Sebastian has "texted to me that he wants to die on numerous occasions and I believe that he is suicidal."

Samantha says of Sebastian and their two children, "The children should not be exposed to his violence and rants about his suicidal tendencies."

Sebastian Telfair

In addition, Samantha also claims Sebastian put a tracking device on her car and once flew to where she was on vacation and stalked her.

As part of her filing, Samantha included screenshots of text message conversations she had recently with Sebastian. Among the troubling phrases she claims he used include: "I deserve death," "I'm not gonna see shit but death" and "I'll promise you I'm a make the bigger splash before my death."

On one occasion, Samantha claims that Sebastian broke into her home (the couple is separated) and took $1,300 from her. She says when she texted him about the money, he admitted to taking it and texted back, "Robbed u again."

Sebastian Telfair

During the January 12 incident, Samantha claims she was not home when she received an alert on her phone from her video doorbell. She says she told Sebastian, via the device, that she was not home and he should leave. Samantha claims Sebastian then "became irate and started punching video doorbell at my house."

Samantha says her aunt, who was home at the time, then called to tell her that Sebastian had begun banging on the garage door. Samantha claims when her aunt opened the door to tell Sebastian to leave, their 12-year-old daughter began screaming, "Daddy, please to stop." To which Samantha claims Sebastian said to their daughter, "You don't love me anyway."

After the incident, Samantha went to the police and obtained an emergency protective order. She filed for the temporary restraining order with the court on Wednesday and it was granted.

Sebastian was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Samantha and their two children.

There is a hearing to make the order permanent next month.

Sebastian Telfair was a prized recruit coming out of high school and skipped college to go straight to the NBA. He was a first round pick of the Portland Trailblazers but never lived up to the hype. He bounced around the league for several years and last played in the NBA in 2014.

Telfair is the cousin of former NBA player Stephon Marbury.

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