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Scott Baio Says Nicole Eggert Failed in Quest to Destroy His Reputation

By TheBlast Staff

Scott Baio is reveling in the riches of vindication after the District Attorney officially rejected the sexual molestation claims of Nicole Eggert, and claims her entire allegations were allegedly part of an elaborate scheme to relaunch her career.

Baio tells The Blast, "Nicole Eggert dedicated herself to destroying my reputation and harming my family, and she has failed. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s conclusion to their investigation of her ever-changing stories marks the end of a sad chapter. Along the way, Eggert has defamed and harassed my family, friends, my wife’s charitable foundation, the families of the children that foundation helps, and many others," adding that "It’s hard to imagine anyone taking her seriously again."

As we reported, the D.A. rejected the molestation claims by Eggert due to the statute of limitations.

The former star of "Charles in Charge" also says that his own advisors have been conducting their own "well documented" investigation into Eggert and claim to have presented it to the police and district attorney.

Baio claims his investigation showed that Eggert's "statements were part of a plan created long before her police report, with the intent of relaunching her own career."

He doubles down: "To reiterate: her false charges were conceived in advance for personal gain. We also presented multiple witness statements who knew Eggert well at the time the show was made, and presented an entirely different portrait of her behavior and motivations for her false charges against me."

The actor says "most claims" of sexual assault and harassment are honest, and his heart "goes out to those who have been harmed." He hopes that Eggert's actions do not hurt "honest" claims of abuse from women who may be "doubted for even one moment because of her untrue allegations." He vows to support and help in anyway he can.

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