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Scott Baio Gets Letter from Jackie Lacey Refuting 'Credibility' Claims By Nicole Eggert

By TheBlast Staff

Scott Baio has finally been told in black & white that Nicole Eggert's claims of sexual assault by the actor were not unequivocally believed to be credible by the District Attorney.

In a letter to Baio's attorney from L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey through one of her deputy D.A.'s, it's made it clear the only reason the Baio case was declined for prosecution was because the statute of limitation had expired, and no other factors weighed on the decision.

Eggert had claimed the D.A. personally had a hard time declining the case because she believed her story about Baio, but Lacey says "no one from the District Attorney's Office has made any public comments about the credibility of anyone interviewed in connection with this case."

The former "Charles in Charge" star tells The Blast, "First Nicole Eggert claimed it was the DA herself who found Eggert’s story credible. After releasing Jackie Lacey's letter today proving that false, Nicole Eggert has changed her story again, and now refuses to name her so-called source."

Not pulling any punches, he also said, "Nicole Eggert has been caught one time after another. She can't be trusted, and she can't be believed."

As we reported, Baio believes Eggert "failed" at her quest to destroy his reputation and he is planning on pursuing legal action,

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