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Sarah Palin's Daughters Fear Stalker May Kill or Sexually Assault Them

By TheBlast Staff

Bristol, Willow, and Piper Palin are scared for their lives now that a man previously convicted of stalking them is about to be on the loose, and they are worried he may sexually assault, or even kill them.

According to a petition for a protective order filed by Willow, Peter Ferrero has been stalking and harassing the Palin daughter, and the rest of the family for years. In fact, Bristol obtained a protection order against Ferrero after he showed up in her driveway back in 2014.

Willow says Peter already served two years in prison for stalking, and is worried her family will be in danger with his probation set to expire. Willow says Ferrero has continued to harass them on social media, including making threatening comments like, "I'm 500 ft from you at all times." She says he even threatened to sexually assault 16-year-old Piper by telling her that he "wants to eat you out."

Willow says before he was previously locked up, Ferrero had sent her 17,000 messages on Facebook. She was requesting protection for herself and the other Palin daughters.

Unfortunately for Willow, she did not show up to an August hearing on the matter, so her request was denied.

Semi good news for the Palins though, it appears Ferrero is already back behind bars in Alaska for violating his probation.

The violation is in connection with the charges he received for stalking Bristol, however he could be free again if he posts bail.

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