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Sarah Hyland Gets Hammered at Dave Matthews Concert, In-N-Out to the Rescue

By TheBlast Staff

"Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland showed that no matter how famous and rich you are, we all want In-N-Out when we get drunk.

Hyland and her boyfriend Wells Adams caught the Dave Matthews concert Monday night at the Hollywood Bowl. Apparently they don't do table reads for "Modern Family" on Tuesday mornings because the actress and her BF were so drunk they could barely speak to each other.

They could, however, both agree that "rabbit food" and salads weren't the appropriate post-concert meal, so they forced their Uber driver to make a run through In-N-Out.

Hyland, much like the rest of us, made sure her entire order was in the bag before reaching in for some fries on the way home. Once back at the house, the star's BF filmed her smashing down on a cheeseburger ( her 2nd ) and proclaiming how sexy she looked.

They also have really, really good dogs. Like seriously, their dogs are perfect.

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