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Russell Simmons Says He Supports #MeToo Despite Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct

By TheBlast Staff

Russell Simmons remains a fervent supporter of the #MeToo Movement, even though he's been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women and is headed to trial in a $10 million lawsuit accusing him of rape.

"[I] still whole heartedly support #metoo despite my experiences," Simmons wrote Monday morning on Instagram. "It is already tremendously successful and i believe Its time for all men to support the rise of the Divine feminine especially in cultural and governmental affairs."

He seemed to express regret for some of his past behavior, writing, "As for me I have been a playboy all my life i accept that the new more accurate term for playboy is womanizer Therefore i accept that i have been part of the problem and I'm here now to be part of the solution."

Simmons then expressed opinions that run against some of what the #MeToo movement stands for, saying, "In every great revolution there is some collateral damage I am sad for the many men who are being extorted or unjustly accused (and there are many) but It is worth it if my daughters will live in a world where the agenda for women is advanced."

As The Blast first reported, Russell Simmons' latest attempt to get a rape lawsuit against him dismissed came up short and he is headed to trial.

Simmons previously settled another lawsuit with a different woman who accused him of rape. He was also accused by another woman of sexually assaulting her when she was just 17.

He has denied all allegations against him.

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