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Russell Simmons Claims Accuser is a Bad Mom With Mental Issues, Could Not Have Raped Her

By TheBlast Staff


12:30 PM PT: Jennifer Jarosik's big time Hollywood attorney, Perry Wander, is responding to Simmons' filing, telling us “Ms. Jarosik is a loving mother and a good parent and her parenting abilities have no relevance in this matter.”

Russell Simmons is trying to claim that one of the women accusing him of rape is clearly making up the story because she's allegedly not even fit to parent her own child.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Simmons claims Jennifer Jarosik is lying about the accusation the Def Jam mogul raped her because she has allegedly been found by a court to have a "propensity to exaggerate." They say she suffers from "16 untreated mental health issues," and has even been found "unfit to properly parent her young 17 [sic] son."

The filing claims those "same qualities" are evident in Jarosik's complaint, which they claim is filled with lies against Simmons who "has only ever tried to help her."

He has admitted the two had a consensual relationship over the years, but Simmons says Jarosik regularly sent him e-mails and messages pursuing a serious relationship, and that she confided in him about her "abandonment issue caused by her father." After the alleged incident in 2016 where Jarosik claims Simmons raped her, he says she sent "unsolicited nude photos."

The Blast first reported the story that Jarosik is seeking $5 million in damages from Simmons.

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