Roy Orbison’s Sons Sue Over Hologram Deal Gone Bad

Roy Orbison’s sons have headed to court to try and block a company from using their father’s hologram after their business deal went south.

Roy’s Boys LLC filed a complaint against Hologram USA Entertainment saying they originally entered into an agreement in 2015 to create a Roy Orbison hologram and produce a 90-minute show concert featuring the technology. The caveat was that Hologram USA had a deadline of less than a year to come up with a prototype.

Roy’s Boys says a prototype was never provided, and as a result they terminated the deal and signed with a competing hologram company, BASE Holograms.

BASE developed a show and even announced a show in the UK and have begun selling tickets, and Roy’s Boys says Hologram USA is now threatening legal action and trying to shut down their production.

Orbison’s sons want a court order stating their original deal with Hologram USA is null and void, and also from an injunction prohibiting them from using their father in a hologram show of their own.

An attorney for Hologram USA Entertainment tells The Blast they believe the deal was not properly terminated and the original contract is still valid.