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'Roseanne' Producers Barred Kid Cast Members from Talking About Reboot Details

By TheBlast Staff

The reboot of "Roseanne" is apparently so hellbent on keeping the secret of Dan Conner's resurrection, they have a harsh confidentiality clause in the contract of the show's new young stars.

The Blast has obtained the contracts of Jayden Rey and Ames McNamara, who will be playing D.J.'s daughter and Darlene's son, respectively, on the reboot.

Rey's contract has a confidentiality clause which prohibits Jayden from even confirming she is a cast member of the show. The clause also states she isn't allowed to talk about the premise, title of the show, shooting locations, all scripts or plot summaries.

"Roseanne" isn't exactly "Game of Thrones," but we're guessing they want to keep the explanation of how John Goodman's character is still alive, when it was revealed in the finale of the show he had died.

Jayden's deal also says she is not allowed to post anything about the show on social media until after the premiere. The deal even states if any third party offers compensation to give up confidential information about the show, she has to immediately notify the producers.

McNamara's deal contains much of the same verbiage, though it's toned down just a little.

As for their paychecks, Rey is getting $5,258 per week while McNamara is getting $17,500 per episode.

And how's this for odd? Rey's contract calls for her to provide her own clothing, but says she'll be reimbursed for cleaning costs.

Does Roseanne not do laundry?


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