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Ron White's Estranged Wife: 'No Marriage? How 'Bout Them Apples?!'

By TheBlast Staff

Ron White's estranged wife says the comedian's claims that their marriage was a sham is complete BS, and she has the video to prove it.

The Blast has obtained video from Ron White and Margo Rey's 2013 wedding ceremony in Dallas, TX.

In the video, White can barely get through his vows when he proclaims his love for Margo and says "I want us to be together forever."

A rep for Margo tells us the wedding, which was performed in front of an ordained minster, was 100% authentic.

The reason for the release of the video is because Ron and Margo are now divorcing, and White is claiming they never had a real marriage so he shouldn't be on the hook for any spousal support.

White claims there is no marriage license, but Margo's rep tells us she did in fact sign a license. We're told White took care of all the paperwork, and Margo believes he is now using that to his advantage while claiming the marriage wasn't legit.

For his part, White claims the wedding was just a giant hoax ... well if it was ... it was sure one giant EXPENSIVE hoax.

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