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L.A. Prosecutors Want to Use Ryan Gosling's 'All Good Things' Movie Against Robert Durst in Murder Trial

By TheBlast Staff

Robert Durst may be brought down by one of his favorite celebrities, because the D.A. in his murder case wants to use the fictional movie as a real-life admission from the disgraced real estate heir.

The Los Angeles County D.A. just filed a motion in Durst's case, obtained by The Blast, requesting that Durst's character in the 2010 Ryan Gosling movie, "All Good Things" serve as an "adoptive admission" into the disappearance of Durst's wife, Kathie.

The D.A. says, "'All Good Things,' although a 'fictional' movie, was specifically based and marketed as the story of the disappearance and death of Robert Durst's wife, the subsequent murder of his best friend, and the killing of his neighbor."

They claim that after Durst read the script and watched the movie, he did not sue the production company for slander, nor did he object to how the movie portrayed him. They say, instead, Durst contacted the director and "expressed how much he had enjoyed the film and agreed to sit for a series of interviews, including the DVD commentary for the movie."

According to the documents, when Durst was asked on camera about the allegations he had murdered three people, and a dog, he admitted, "I feel the movie was very, very, very close in much of the ways about what, pretty much, happened."

The D.A. argues that the admissions by Durst were "freely, knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently made." They specifically found it interesting the way the real estate heir responded to violent scenes depicted in the movie, like when his character is shown "dragging his wife from a holiday get-together at her mother’s house by her hair."

Officials feel his "casual" admittance to the repeated physical abuse of his wife is "disturbing."

75-year-old Durst has been charged with one-count of first degree murder for the killing of his friend, Susan Berman, back in 2000. Most of his current legal situation stems from his participation in the 2015 HBO documentary, "The Jinx," where he was heard allegedly admitting to all the murders during a bathroom break while wearing a hot microphone.

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