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Rob Kardashian Gunning for More Custody of Dream, Disturbed by Blac Chyna's Recent Behavior

By TheBlast Staff

Rob Kardashian fears for the safety of his daughter with Blac Chyna so much, he's preparing to demand more custody of 2-year-old Dream.

According to our sources, Rob and BC currently split custody 50/50, though we're told Dream spends more time with Rob and his family.

We're told Blac Chyna often "shows up unannounced" and Rob believes she is not always "in good enough shape" to take Dream during her scheduled time.

Kardashian is dispatching his celebrity lawyer, Laura Wasser, to get a more formal child custody agreement in place because Rob is "very worried" for Dream's safety when she is in Blac Chyna's custody. Rob believes her recent behavior has been "disturbing." Specifically, he believes the "violence, substance abuse, and neglect" are the key issues at hand.

Last month, Blac Chyna and her boyfriend, Kid Buu, were involved in a violent altercation while on vacation in Hawaii. Neither Blac Chyna nor Kid Buu was arrested or transported to the hospital. But, police confirmed that a report was filed.

After the incident, Kid Buu posted a lengthy video denying he assaulted Blac Chyna, saying, "My mom raised me better than that. I would never put my hands on a woman."

Rob Kardashian has previously shown just how much of a threat he thinks Blac Chyna is. During their protracted legal battle, Rob revealed in court documents that he "incurred substantial costs in changing locks and hiring security to deter additional violent attacks on his person and property."

The revelation came as part of the lawsuit Rob filed against Blac Chyna over an alleged incident that went down on December 14, 2016. He claims she “consumed a significant amount of drugs and alcohol” and proceeded to damage a television, break down a door, damage the walls, destroy his cell phone and smash a gingerbread house that was made for the holidays.

The Blast reached out to an attorney for Blac Chyna for comment — so far, no word back.

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