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Rihanna Once Again Reminds the World How to Pronounce Her Name

By TheBlast Staff

Rihanna keeps telling people how to pronounce her name but the world never seems to listen.

The Internet was once again reminded of the correct pronunciation during a video posted to Twitter by British Vogue. RiRi was promoting her Fenty collection at a pop-up in Paris when she said, "Hello, British Vogue, it's Rihanna. And I want to welcome you to Paris where I am launching Fenty Maison."

Rihanna said her name as "Ree-Anna" while probably every other human on earth says "Re-Ah-Na" and now everyone is up in arms ... though don't expect anyone to change anything.

See, RiRi tried to set the record straight as far back as 2012. During a red carpet interview with AJ Hammer, he straight up asked her how to pronounce it and she said the same thing ... and yet no one seemed to learn their lesson.

And it's safe to assume everyone will keep saying it however they please.

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