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'Rick and Morty' Star Justin Roiland Targeted in 'Game Awards' Shooting Threat

By TheBlast Staff

"Rick and Morty" co-creator Justin Roiland was named as the target for a possibly deadly attack that included threats of a mass shooting and a bomb vest rigged with a "dead man's switch."

According to documents obtained by The Blast, The Microsoft Theater contacted the LAPD on December 6 regarding a Twitter link that "made reference to a threat" made against Roiland and The Game Awards, which were set to take place the following day.

The suspect said they would attend "The Game Awards 2017" with "3 handguns, 2 smg's a shotgun and a dead man's switch attached to a bomb vest," adding "When this meme fuck takes the stage, I am going to open fire and take out as many of these [redacted] as i can until the police take me down."

The threat was initially posted on the forum, 4chan, and then began to circulate wide after users began to notice and get worried.

Believing Roiland could seriously be in danger, the LAPD contacted 4chan, who handed over the IP information and discovered the threatening post had been written in the UK.

It's unclear why Roiland was targeted, but he did end up appearing on stage during the event to announce a new VR game.

Now, the LAPD are trying to use the IP info to track down the suspect responsible for the threats.

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