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Richard Simmons Hit With Delay in P.I. Legal Battle Over Alleged Illegal GPS Tracking

By TheBlast Staff

Richard Simmons has suffered a setback in his battle with a private eye he accused of illegally tracking his movements after a judge agreed to put the case on hold until next year.

Simmons sued Scott Brian Mathews accusing him of being hired by a tabloid magazine and placing a GPS tracking device on a car owned by his longtime housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

The fitness guru said the device was on the car for a year and the purpose was to track his movements to see if he had visited hospitals in connection with an alleged gender transition, which Simmons has always said was nonsense.

On September 12, the private investigator filed court docs demanding Simmons’ civil lawsuit against him be put on pause.

He explains he is currently facing a criminal prosecution stemming from the same set of facts that Simmons claims in his lawsuit. Mathews was charged in June with using an electronic tracking device to determine the location and movement of a person.

Mathews claims he is unable to properly defend himself in the civil lawsuit without “potentially incriminating himself with regard to the criminal matter.”

The judge agreed and ordered Simmons’ entire case to be put on pause until next year, with the court ordering all proceedings to be taken off calendar until the outcome of the criminal matter.

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