Richard Erdman
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‘Community’ Star Richard Erdman Dead at 93

Richard Erdman, who most recently starred as Leonard in the cult NBC classic “Community,” passed away on Saturday. He was 93.

Film historian Alan K. Rode first reported on his passing and several “Community” stars shared their thoughts after the news broke.

“I knew the day we’d have to say goodbye to this lovely man would come sooner than any of us were ready,” Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Shirley on the show, wrote. “But knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. 😢 #RichardErdman was JOY walking. Anyone who saw him on @CommunityTV gleeflully stealing every scene he was in knows that’s true💔.”

Charley Koontz, who played Neil, wrote, “Ugh, awful. I just looked at his IMDb 2 days ago and was reminded about what a legend he was. Sweet, funny and game for anything. Plus great Brando stories. What more was there even left to do? RIP to legend & friend Richard Erdman. #shutupleonard.”

Richard Erdman appeared in the 1950 film, “The Men,” which was Marlon Brando’s debut movie. He also starred in a classic episode of “The Twilight Zone” as a man who was given a stopwatch that could stop time.

He also made appearances on several other TV shows, including, “The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show,” “The Tab Hunter Show,” “Mister Ed,” “Petticoat Junction,” “TheDick Van Dyke Show,” “Perry Mason,” “Green Acres, “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” “Police Story,” “Lou Grant,” “Cheers,” and many more.