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'Rehab Addict' Star Nicole Curtis Could Lose Michigan Homes to Foreclosure

By TheBlast Staff

HGTV’s "Rehab Addict" star Nicole Curtis has lost two of her Michigan homes to foreclosure after she blew off a lawsuit over a $31,000 unpaid legal bill.

On February 13, a judge slapped Curtis was with a default judgment in the lawsuit brought by her former lawyer over $31,976.96 in fees she failed to pay.

The order states an official will be appointed by the court to foreclose on two of Curtis’ homes in Lake Orion, Michigan. The official will sell off the properties owned and use the proceeds to pay off the $31,976.96 owed to the former lawyers.

One of the homes was purchased for $120,000 and the second was bought for $130,000, but the order states both homes will be sold off at auction.

We are told at this point there is a 21 day stay on the sale of the homes. Curtis has the opportunity to either pay the judgment or get it set aside. We are also told the properties are worth for more than 31K so most likely they will not be a full loss.

As The Blast first reported, Curtis was originally sued by the law firm Schnelz Wells P.C., claiming she has refused to pay up on a $31,976.96 bill relating to the legal battle with her baby daddy.

The firm said Curtis hired them back in 2016 to work on her custody battle with Shane Maguire. They worked on the case from February 2016 until June 2016, when they were able to help negotiate a settlement with her ex.

They claimed to have spent a significant amount of time and resources to help execute the consent order for Curtis and Maguire.

The suit claimed Curtis has refused to pay up on the bill and evaded her obligations despite numerous attempts to contact her for the cash.

Nicole Curtis has disputed the lien and billing on a few occasions. The firm said, “Ms. Curtis’s evasive conduct and successful efforts in avoiding Schnelz Wells’ diligent attempts to collect the outstanding obligation, has left Schnelz Wells with no other option other than to enforce the Lien to protect its interest.”

The law firm placed a lien against properties Curtis owns in Michigan and sued for the right to foreclose on one of the homes.

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