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'Red Dead Redemption II' Voice Actors Actually Look Like Their Outlaw Characters

By TheBlast Staff

If you haven't yet figured out why the office water cooler discussions lately have been about gunfights, skinning deer and bonding with horses ... it's because the country has been stricken with "Red Dead Redemption II" fever.

Rockstar Game's epic Western-themed action-adventure is the hottest game of the year, and raked in $725 million in its opening weekend. Of the many praises the game is getting, fans are loving the attention to detail and rich dynamics the characters in the game provide.

Matching up the voice actors with the characters they portray in Dutch van der Linde's gang of outlaws, it's clear the real stars provided some heavy inspiration to their digital cowpokes.

So take a look and see for yourself, unless yer yellow-bellied.

Arthur Morgan // Roger Clark

Arthur Morgan - Roger Clark
Rockstar Games / Twitter

Micah Bell // Peter Blomquist

Micah Bell - Peter Blomquist
Rockstar Games / Twitter

Sadie Adler // Alex McKenna

Sadie Adler - Alex McKenna
Rockstar Games / Twitter

Javier Escuella // Gabriel Sloyer

Javier Escuella - Gabriel Sloyer
Rockstar Games / Twitter

Dutch van der Linde // Benjamin Byron Davis

Dutch van der Linde - Benjamin Byron Davis
Rockstar Games / Twitter

John Marston // Rob Wiethoff

John Marston - Rob Wiethoff
Rockstar Games / Twitter

Bill Williamson // Steve J. Palmer

Bill Williamson - Steve J. Palmer
Rockstar Games / Twitter

Abigail Roberts // Cali Elizabeth Moore

Abigail Roberts - Cali Elizabeth Moore
Rockstar Games / Twitter

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