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'The Craft' Star Rachel True Sued for $30k Credit Card Bill

By TheBlast Staff

"The Craft" star Rachel True needs to summon the power of Manon because she's being sued by a credit card company for failing to pay up on her bill.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Citibank claims the actress — who is now a tarot card reader — has neglected to pay her credit card bill. The lawsuit states Rachel owes a total of $31,630.76 and hasn’t made a payment since late 2015.

Citibank is demanding the full unpaid balance plus other costs.

True was profiled last year in L.A. Weekly and revealed she has been reading tarot cards in Venice, CA ever since acting jobs dried up.

"Instead of kind of feeling sorry for myself or fighting against it," she explained, "I just jumped into my tarot studies and kept notebooks and really got to know the cards, and the combinations and things like that."

According to True's website, you can book private in-person sessions with a 60-minute reading for $380 and a 30-minute session $210. A phone or Skype audio session will run you $250 for 60 minutes and $130 for 30 minutes.

The only thing that's going to be light as a feather ... is your wallet.

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