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R. Kelly Not Willkommen in Germany! Concert Canceled After Arrest

Germany is backing out of a scheduled concert with R. Kelly after the recent sexual abuse charges were filed against the R&B singer.

Ratiopharm Arena in Neu-Ulm, Germany made the announcement Tuesday morning, “Over the past 3 days, new charges have been published in the media regarding allegations raised against R. Kelly and verified by us in the meantime.”

The statement continues, “In view of these new and objective facts, we have decided to release ourselves from the contract concluded for the 12.04.2019 for good cause.”

Ratiopharm Arena says refunds will be offered for those who already purchased tickets. Kelly has not commented yet on the cancelation, which comes hours after he finally posted $100,000 bond and was released from custody in Chicago.

Minutes after being released, Kelly went to a nearby McDonalds for a meal. Unfortunately, now he will miss out on visiting the Golden Arches in Germany, where he could have enjoyed the German exclusive, Der Couchburger — basically a McRib with mozzarella sticks on top. Köstlich!