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R. Kelly Hires Alleged Mistress' Divorce Lawyer to Battle Her Ex-Husband in Lawsuit Over Affair

By TheBlast Staff

R. Kelly has hired a lawyer who worked on his alleged mistress’ divorce and the singer wants her to represent him in the lawsuit filed by the woman’s ex-husband over the alleged affair.

On December 12, Kenny Bryant — the Mississippi sheriff suing Kelly for allegedly having an affair with his wife — filed court docs demanding the singer’s lawyer, Felecia Perkins, be disqualified from continuing to work with Kelly on the case.

Bryant explains Perkins is the same divorce lawyer who represented his ex-wife Asia Bryant-Childress. He says Perkins worked on his divorce settlement, including the property agreement and financial split.

Further, Bryant claims Perkins is a witness in the case because of her position as Childress' divorce attorney.

Bryant claims, "In the course of her representation of Ms. Childress, Ms. Perkins would have participated in conversations with her client and others about the circumstances leading up to and resulting in her desire to end her marriage to Mr. Bryant."

He continues, "On information and belief, these conversations included conversations about Ms. Childress’s sexual relationship with R. Kelly, and further included numerous conversations with R. Kelly and/or his representatives, as well as other witnesses."

Bryant says this all creates a conflict of interest and wants the judge to order Perkins off the case.

The judge has yet to rule.

Last year, Bryant sued R. Kelly accusing him of carrying out an affair with his wife and ruining not only his marriage but his life. Mississippi is one of the only states that allows a person to sue another for breaking up their marriage.

Bryant married Asia Childress on July 15, 2012 and says he knew she had a relationship with Kelly prior to their marriage but was told it was over. He says the marriage was good until Kelly entered the picture again.

Bryant claims Kelly became involved in an intimate extramarital affair with Childress in October 2012. She attended his concert a few months after the wedding and Bryant claims that she rekindled her intimate relationship with the singer.

He accuses the singer of carrying out an affair with his wife for five years. Bryant even says Kelly gave his wife Chlamydia during their affair (Kelly denies having an affair with Childress).

Bryant says his wife even suggested they move to Georgia at one point, but Bryant claims she did so in order to move closer to Kelly. Bryant agreed to the move but says he was unable to find a job and it left him in financial ruin.

Bryant claims every time the singer had a concert nearby, his wife would disappear to be with him. Bryant says he did all he could to hold onto his marriage, but ultimately it fell apart; Childress would later ask him for a divorce.

He sued seeking damages for Kelly ruining his marriage and depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection. Bryant said he suffered emotional, psychological and financial loss.

Kelly filed court documents saying he does know Childress but denies he slept with her and caused Bryant’s marriage to crumble.

Kelly says he doesn’t owe Bryant a dime and wants to see the entire case thrown out.

The case is ongoing.

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