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Woman Allegedly Abused by R. Kelly at 13-Years-Old is Willing to Testify Against Singer

A new R. Kelly accuser has come forward alleging she was victimized by the singer when she was merely 13-years-old, and the woman is willing to testify under oath.

Gloria Allred just released a statement claiming she is representing the new accuser, and explained the woman has already been interviewed by law enforcement.

Allred said her client has answered all questions, and is willing to “testify under oath” about the allegations of sexual abuse. The woman apparently claim forward after “listening to R. Kelly’s denials about what he did to underage girls like me was very hurtful,” adding, “He needs to tell the truth and he needs to stop playing the victim.”

The woman, who has not been named, is making it clear that “He as the adult and I was the child. He had no right to take advantage of me when I was only a 13-year-old child.”

The girl was first revealed by local CBS reporter, Brad Edwards, who has confirmed the incident allegedly happened 20 years ago in Detroit. The woman is now 30, and Allred tells us they are keeping her identity hidden while she cooperates with officials.

As we first reported, another accuser has come forward and met with federal investigators in Georgia to speak about the alleged abuse she endured, as well as the acts of child abuse she witnessed. The accuser, represented by attorney Gerald Griggs, sat down with officials this week during a 4-hour interview session.

Federal investigators are closing in on Kelly, as they have conducted multiple interviews this week, and sources close to the investigation tell us they believe an indictment will soon be issued against the singer.