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Online Petition Calls On Japan World Cup Team to Defend Slain Psychic Octopus

By TheBlast Staff

A viral petition with over 100,000 signatures is calling out the Japanese National Soccer Team to come to the defense of the slain psychic octopus who predicted World Cup wins.

Rabio the clairvoyant octopus was caught by Japanese fisherman Kimio Abe, who claimed the cephalopod could predict future World Cup matches, much like Paul the octopus in 2010. Rabio correctly predicted Japan's win over Colombia, the tie with Senegal and loss to Poland.

But before he had a chance to pick the winner of the final match, he was slaughtered for food.

In response to the slaying, a Care 2 petition was launched to ensure this doesn't happen again.

"While [octopuses] are commonly eaten in Japan, it seems cruel and morbid for Kimio to have treated this animal like a star and then slaughter it a meal," Care 2 says. "The Japan soccer team may have someone besides themselves to blame for their loss — Mr. Abe's terrible decision to slaughter their all-seeing mascot."

The petition has already gotten global support from people from places like Russia, Croatia, and France (to name a few) signing on.

FYI, the plural of octopus isn't octopi it's octopuses ... or even octopodes if you're using the old school Greek, but no one really does.

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