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Prince Had a Shocking Amount of Prescription Pills in His Home When He Died

By TheBlast Staff

Prince picked up prescriptions for multiple medications one day before his death, according to evidence photos released in conjunction with his death investigation.

On Thursday, authorities released all records related to the investigation of Prince’s death – including photos, notes and a video showing the lifeless body of the icon.

Photos reveal Prince filled prescriptions on April 20 for Clonidine (mostly used for high blood pressure), Diazepam (commonly known as Valium and used to treat anxiety) and Hydroxyzine Pamoate (also most commonly used to treat anxiety).

There were several other prescriptions – including Ondansetron (used to prevent nausea and vomiting) and medication used to treat vitamin D deficiency — Prince had received under his friend's name.

In addition to those three prescriptions he'd received the day before his death, Prince also had a large supply of dietary supplements.

If Prince was taking all the medications in his possession as prescribed, he would have been taking roughly 20 pills per day.

Among the records were text messages between Dr. Michael Schulenberg and Prince's longtime friend, Kirk Johnson, as well as images from security footage showing Prince walking into Schulenberg’s clinic the day before he died.

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