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Prince Saved 2011 Love Letter From Singer Andy Allo: 'I'm in Love With You'

By TheBlast Staff

Who knows how many love letters Prince received in his lifetime, but only one was discovered by investigators following his death and it came from singer Andy Allo.

Allo began her career in 2011 as a singer and guitarist in Prince's backing band, The New Power Generation. She would go on to have a solo career, with Prince's help, and the two were rumored to have a romantic relationship.

The note — which was photographed by police shortly after Prince died and released this week — was not signed by Allo, but many signs point to it being her. The letter was written on stationery from a hotel in Montreal, where Prince performed two shows in 2011 (see above).

The writer also said the song "Nothing More" was written about Prince — "Nothing More" is the name of a song by Andy Allo.

The letter begins by thanking Prince for "taking a chance" on her "last night" — Allo debuted one of her songs, "People Pleaser," during those Montreal concerts. The song was later recorded at Paisley Park, Prince's studio, and included on her second album (which Prince executive produced).

Prince love letter

"It means mountains for having faith in me to do what I love. I'm happy, ecstatic & that crazy person who can't stop smiling," she adds.

The 29-year-old singer begins the second page, writing, "I'm in love with U."

She continues, "I've probably told you this before or you know it already ... the song 'Nothing More' is inspired by you, for you, and what I said last night was true 'dedicated to the love(s) of my life' ... it's music and you baby. That's all there is to it."

Prince love letter

"I will never forget these last 2 nights," she begins on the last page, "and have no matter how many photos are taken of you with socks and flip flops you are still the sexiest, most attractive man in my eyes and _____
She concludes, "Respect. Gratitude. Muse. Inspiration. Love. All things I feel and more when it comes to you. I love you."

Prince love letter

A rep for Allo declined to comment.

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