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Prince Jackson Defends His Grandfather's Legacy Against Haters: He Had More Talent In One of His Balls!

By TheBlast Staff

Prince Jackson is lashing out at the torrent of haters who he feels are disrespecting his grandpa Joe Jackson's legacy and claiming he abused the Jackson kids.

The eldest of Michael Jackson's children posted a video Friday afternoon addressing those who have made controversial comments regarding Joe Jackson's upbringing of his children, including Michael and Janet.

"Keep talking all the shit you want that he abused my dad and all this, but he raised these kids right," Prince claims, talking about the upbringing of his father, aunts and uncles. He added that if Joe hadn't been so tough, "they would have been in gangs or f*cking dead."

Over the years, Joe gained a reputation for ruling the Jackson family with an iron first while raising the children. For his own part, MJ went back and forth over his feelings about his father, even once telling Oprah that the sight of Joe made him want to vomit. When Michael died, Joe was specifically left out of his will.

However, the grandkids have a different view of Joe, and even Paris released a touching tribute after the 89-year-old died.

Prince wraps up his rant by telling the haters "You won't ever be as great as 1 of that man's f*cking balls in his nut sack."

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