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Prince Received Emails From Protégé and Manager and After His Death: 'Please Just Come Back'

By TheBlast Staff

Prince continued receiving emails from people close to him even after he died, expressing their profound sadness over his passing.

As part of the documents and videos released on Thursday, the Carver County Sheriff's Office released emails between Prince and various people.

Among the messages he received after his death, was one from Judith Hill, a protégé of Prince's who said she had "a very intense relationship" with the singer.

"I really need you right now," she wrote in an email sent late at night May 30, more than a month after he died. "I want to go find you. Don't like it here on earth. I know you want me to go out there and perfect the stage but I don't have the strength right now. Positive projections: You are here. Please just come back."

Prince emails

Another email came from Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, his manager at the time of his death. She wrote, "Normally we would be talking about the game. It was amazing."

Prince emails

In another email, Shelbey Rodriguez, a singer and a friend of Prince's, wrote, "I miss you so much. How can you be gone? Your face is everywhere in the days since you left. I cry when I see your beautiful eyes. How surreal to know this email will go into your inbox, never to be opened or read."

Prince emails

On the day he died, Prince received several messages from people wondering if he was ok — Rita Ora and Gugu Mbatha-Raw were among them.

Prince emails

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