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Judge Slaps Prince's Estate Administrator on the Wrist in Money Battle with His Family

By TheBlast Staff

Prince's heirs and the administrator of his estate have been fighting in court over legal fees and a judge issued a stern warning to the estate's lawyers to watch their spending.

Sharon, Norrine and John Nelson, three of Prince's five half-siblings, filed a motion with the court last year seeking to have Comerica Bank & Trust removed as the administrator of the estate.

The family lost their motion and Comerica sought sanctions in the form of $148,500 in legal fees.

In a ruling handed down on March 28, judge Kevin W. Eide said that while he considered imposing the sanctions, he ultimately decided against it. But he still had some choice words for the estate.

"Petitioners [the heirs] also argue that the attorney fees incurred by the Estate are excessive and the Court must agree," Eide wrote.

Eide found the $148,500 bill to be a bit much, saying, " ... nine attorneys and one paralegal were used to respond to the Petition. Eighteen documents were filed by the Estate consisting of 187 pages, excluding exhibits. In other words, the Estate was charged approximately $8,250 per document and $825 per page."

He went on to say, "Rather than impose a sanction to achieve compliance with the Court’s intended direction, the Court will instead impose an admonition ... this Estate is not an unlimited resource! All parties must act with prudence and with restraint."

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