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President Trump Gets Into Explosive Argument During News Conference: 'CNN Should Be Ashamed'

By TheBlast Staff

President Trump was at the center of an all out war that broke out during a news conference following the midterm elections, and he unloaded his anger on CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

It all went down when Jim Acosta began questioning Trump on the migrant caravan in Mexico, Trump brushed off the comments and then advised Acosta he should sit down.

When Acosta refused, Trump exclaimed, "CNN should be ashamed of themselves having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You should not be working for CNN."

The room broke out into a frenzy, and as Trump tried to move on to NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander, Acosta would not relent. Trump looked back at the CNN journalist and made it clear, "I'm not responding to you," before launching into accusations of fake news.

Trump struggled to regain control of the room, and eventually went on with the scheduled news conference as the crowd murmured.

Acosta appeared to have the support from many journalists in the room, including April Ryan, but other journalists have criticized his public outburst. Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich commented that Acosta's behavior "grandstanding" is "disrespectful to his peers in the room."

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