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President Trump on Kanye Lunch: He's Bringing 'Big Jim Brown' to Discuss How Minorities Are Thriving

By TheBlast Staff

President Donald Trump can't wait to talk with Kanye West about all the great things he's done for minorities during his administration, especially in the African American community.

#45 just spoke on his upcoming luncheon with Ye, and defended his decision to sit down with the rapper. "He's been a terrific guy ... y'know he loves what we're doing for African American jobs."

Trump says, "Kanye is a smart guy," and apparently appreciates all the hard work the current administration has done. Trump also revealed Kanye is bringing NFL legend Jim Brown to lunch, who the President applauds as someone who also "gets it."

He claims Brown really sees that African Americans, Hispanics and Asians "have never done better in this country," and he's looking forward to discussing all their victories.

Many have expressed concern with Trump and the hip-hop star meeting, like Montel Williams, who finds it especially concerning the President would take a meeting during a time when Kanye's mental health has appeared so erratic.

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