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Post Malone After Car Accident: 'God Hates Me ... But Ya Can't Kill Me Muthafu!'

By TheBlast Staff

Post Malone is one lucky muthafu**** ... just ask him.

The "Better Now" rapper was walking away from the gnarly car accident Friday morning in West Hollywood when he proclaimed "God hates me!"

All things considering, he was in extremely high spirits, and said he is feeling fine after the crash. As for what happened, Malone's recollection is that the Kia collided with his Rolls-Royce Wraith and spun him out.

Realizing how lucky he's been from transportation related incidents lately, he admits that whether it be a plane or a car, "Ya can't kill me muthaf****!"


Also interesting, according to the emergency dispatch audio, obtained by The Blast, the police were called to the scene of the accident by Malone's fancy luxury vehicle. The hip-hop star must have sprung for the total package because his car had Rolls-Royce Assist, which automatically calls the nearest emergency services in the event the airbag or crash censors activate.

Sometimes it pays to be rich.

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