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'Permit Patty' Breaks Down in Tears Over 'Death Threats' After Video of Her Goes Viral

By TheBlast Staff

Alison Ettel — who has been given the moniker "Permit Patty" — let the waterworks flow this morning on "Today" after becoming infamous for a viral video of her allegedly calling the cops on an 8-year-old girl for selling water bottles in front of her San Francisco apartment.

The video was filmed by the 8-year-old's mother, Erin Austin, and quickly turned Ettel into a villain online.

Ettel said that she approached the mother of the 8-year-old and politely asked them to keep the noise down because she was trying to work with her apartment window open on a hot day.

"I tried to be polite, but I was stern," Ettel said. She says since the incident went viral, she has received "all kinds threats, horrible images and death threats."

The girl's mother, Erin Austin, told "Today" that Ettel never asked them to quiet down but immediately demanded to see the 8-year-old's permit to sell water.

The "Permit Patty" story shares similarities to another viral video of an Oakland woman nicknamed "BBQ Becky" calling the police on black men for grilling in a public park earlier this year.

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