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Paul Haggis' Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Fires Back: 'Shame on Him'

By TheBlast Staff

The woman Paul Haggis sued after she claimed he sexually assaulted her has filed a scathing response, making it clear she wants to see the famed director "held accountable for what he did."

"The only thing worse than raping a woman is raping her, then suing her for trying to stand up for herself. Mr. Haggis complaint is a disgrace," begins the legal response filed by attorneys for Haleigh Breest and obtained by The Blast.

In her response to his suit, Breest's legal team goes on to say, "It says nothing about what happened on January 31, 2013. It fails to deny any of the horrific details of what happened in Mr. Haggis' apartment. It is not even a sworn statement. It is nothing more than a PR stunt and an attempt to silence and intimidate Mr. Haggis' victim. Shame on him."

Paul Haggis

The response continues, "Ms. Breest will not be intimidated by this man. Not any more. It is finally time for Mr. Haggis to be held accountable for what he did."

As The Blast first reported, Haggis sued Breest after he claimed she has been trying to shake him down for money over an alleged sexual assault he claims never happened.

In Haggis' suit, he said he decided to file a lawsuit first because he has been on the receiving end of many false accusations stemming from his criticisms of Scientology. But in Breest's response, she wonders why he invoked Scientology instead of denying her claims.

"Rather than confront his own misconduct," Breest's attorneys say, "Mr. Haggis writes about Scientology. Why? Ms. Breest has nothing to do with Scientology. Being a critic of Scientology does not give a man permission to rape."

Her response also takes aim at Haggis' assertion that he could not have possibly committed an act of sexual violence because he recently had back surgery, saying, "Mr. Haggis was not wearing a back brace" on the night in question.

Breest filed her own lawsuit against Haggis. Both cases remain ongoing.

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