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Paul Haggis Accuses His Sexual Assault Accuser of Playing Dirty in the Press

By TheBlast Staff

Paul Haggis claims the woman who is accusing him of sexual assault is trying to destroy him through the media by coordinating new allegations against him from anonymous accusers.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Haggis claims that the attorney for Haleigh Breest was behind the Associated Press article earlier this month which featured three women anonymously accusing Haggis of rape and sexual assault.

"The sole conduit reported between those anonymous women and the press was Plaintiff's counsel," Haggis' filing states, "who engaged in a press attack on Mr. Haggis."

On the same day the article came out, Haggis claims Breest's attorneys filed an amended complaint which included the anonymous accusations. Haggis argues, "After that press attack on Mr. Haggis by nameless individuals, the only place those nameless allegations appeared in any court proceeding was in this action."

Haggis believes his accuser is trying to argue the case in the press in an effort to damage him. He says, "In this day and age, media reports can castigate a person and destroy his or her life and reputation on the sole basis of a single unproven accusation of sexual impropriety."

Attorneys for Haggis want to keep the case out of the media and in the courtroom, writing, "The only place where a person wrongly accused can put his or her trust is in the judicial system, where the law and facts rule the day, not mere ugly and lurid conclusions and anonymous unproven accusations."

Haggis' motion to dismiss was filed on Monday. A judge has yet to rule.

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