Parkland Middle School Student Apologized After Making Deadly Threat

The father of a Parkland student accused of issuing a death threat is coming to his son’s defense and claiming that the boy was just trying to protect his family amid bullying by other students.

The Blast spoke with the father of the student from Westglades Middle School, who tells us his son is a “straight A student” and believes the allegations against his son are “being overblown.”

We’re told the whole video tape of the kids playing Fortnite, which we’re told was edited at some point by the parties, adds more context to the discussion between the two boys regarding allegedly bringing a weapon to school. In the new video, you can clearly hear the kid stick up for his father, and says, “If someone hurts my dad then I would kill them.”

The father admits it was a poor choice of words by his son, but is adamant there was no truth behind it. He claims the school deemed the threat “low-level” once they were made aware the tape had been edited and there was more to the story.

We’re told the suspected child’s parents are going through a divorce, and his son has been getting teased at school over the matter. The father also tells us the two boys in question have been friends for years, and that after the incident got back to Spencer, who lodged a complaint with the school, an apology was made ASAP.

The Blast obtained a copy of the apology, and the boy wrote, “Spencer if your reading this i’m so sorry for what i said i would never do anything to harm you.”

He continued, “I may be mad at you but your in no danger or risk of me doing anything to you i swear. I must have been mad at the time.”

The father believes the videotape should not be held against his son, and stresses that he is not violent and would never harm anyone. He also tells us the family was deeply affected by the 2018 deadly shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, and they don’t take shooting issues lightly.