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Conrad Hilton Violates Restraining Order, Seen in Bizarre Video with Stuffed Bear Outside Ex-GF's House

By TheBlast Staff

Paris Hilton's little brother could be in trouble after violating a temporary restraining order just filed against him by his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Salomon.

According to surveillance footage from the home of E.G. Daily, who is Salomon's mom, Hilton showed up at the Los Angeles property Friday morning just before 4 AM.

Hilton was wearing a bathrobe and was seen carrying a stuffed bear that he planned on giving to Salomon. Along with a stuffed bear, he also left some blankets, his robe, a water bottle and a welcome home mat.

Conrad Hilton
The Blast

Weeks earlier on November 12, Hilton showed up at the same house and left a stuffed bunny. The Blast obtained a photo of the deserted bunny, which scared Salomon so much she filed for a restraining order against the famous hotel heir.

Her temporary restraining order was granted and the two were scheduled for a hearing next month, and we are told the lawyers have been notified that Hilton already violated the no-contact order with the November 24 incident.

We are told no one involved in the situation wants Hilton to be arrested, in fact, they hope he gets hospitalization and proper treatment. At the time the restraining order was granted it was reported Conrad was on a psychiatric hold, but in the week following he showed up to the Salomon's home.

The Hiltons and the Salomons have been wrapped up in family drama for years, as Hunter's father, Rick, co-starred with Conrad's sister, Paris, in the infamous celebrity sex tape, "One Night in Paris."

Conrad Hilton
The Blast

Hunter Daily Salomon

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