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Oprah Schools Women Who Accused Her of Stealing 'Greenleaf' Show: You Get a Law Lesson!

By TheBlast Staff

If you're gonna come for the Queen, you best not miss ... is a lesson two women are learning after they accused Oprah of stealing the idea for their TV show, because now O is not holding back about why they won't see a dime of her hard-earned cash.

The media maven just responded to the lawsuit where two women, one of whom is a pastor, accused her of jacking a TV script called "Justice & Glory," and turned it into the OWN Show, "Greenleaf." The women had claimed they shopped a treatment of their show to OWN, who passed on the project but then ended up airing a similar program.

Oprah describes the suit as "frivolous," and says the people who filed it "either do not understand copyright law or are pursuing it not withstanding its manifest lack of merit."

Boom! That is some hardcore legal shade from O.

The documents also point out the plot differences in the show, explaining "Justice & Glory" is about a white, atheist U.S. senator investigating a world-famous leader of an international megachurch.

However, "Greenleaf" is about a single mother returning to her father’s local African-American ministry in Memphis after the suicide of her sister.

Oprah admits both shows feature a megachurch and the family that runs it, but that's where the similarities end.

She also denies that anyone on her producing team was aware that the other project even existed, and wants the case thrown out immediately.

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