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Nicole Brown Simpson's Sister In Support of O.J. TV 'Confession': 'So Much Time Has Passed'

By TheBlast Staff

The sister of the brutally murdered woman at the center of the entire O.J. Simpson saga says she supports a taped interview with the alleged murderer that will air on television.

Denise Brown tells The Blast one of the main reasons that she gave her blessing for "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession" to see the light of day is because, "I think so much time has passed, " adding that she's already endured "all the shows that were done without anyone caring about what we thought." Brown's referring to the family of Nicole Brown Simpson, and also the family of the late Ron Goldman.

The interview by O.J. was originally taped in 2006 with Judith Regan, and done in connection with a book he was working on titled, "If I Did It." The book was written as a hypothetical version of events the occurred the night Nicole and Ron were murdered, but the project was later scrapped.

Denise Brown is not scoffing at FOX for deciding to release the footage, telling us "It was nice that they asked." The Goldman family is also in support of the interview airing.

"O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession" premieres the night of March 11.

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