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North West's First Cover Shoot Ignites War Over Child Modeling

By TheBlast Staff

Kim Kardashian is causing quite a stir among fans who are dividing up over those supportive of her daughter's modeling career, and those who believe the child is being exploited at a young age.

Kardashian revealed North West's first cover shoot on Friday for the digital magazine, WWD. North, who is 5-years-old, posed got glammed up and posted for multiple photos, while the magazine applauds her for leading the way as a "new generation comes of age."

Many fans began immediately criticizing the photos, which feature North in heavy makeup and even a crop top. "She's beautiful, cover that baby up tho!" one person commented, while another said, "I love you, but if you continue to expose her so young she will end up like Lindsay Lohan by age 13."

Some people took a softer approach, suggesting to Kim that, "a more natural photoshoot would have been nicer... appropriate to her age and mostly childhood .... less makeup ... she's already beautiful."

The comments weren't all negative, as many people applauded Kim and North for the photoshoot, and expressed excitement for the little girl's big moment.

"North actually enjoys this stuff and it brings her joy. You don’t want to stifle your children’s passion and creativity. You want to expand it. It’s personal growth cultivating at a young age," one person defended. Many other expressed the sentiment of "you should mind your own business about someone else’s child."

Kanye West's young daughter has expressed a big interest in fashion, clearly taking a liking to the fame and celebrity. Unfortunately, she will also learn to deal with the criticism.


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