Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Sparks Peaceful Vigil Among L.A. Street Gangs

The murder of Nipsey Hussle has caused many leaders of the street gangs in Los Angeles to rethink how business is conducted amongst themselves, and they’ve organized a special vigil just for the the gangs to come together and mourn.

The meetup is going down Friday afternoon and will be attended by members from the various street gangs around the L.A. neighborhoods.

Over the last couple of days, many meetings have gone on between the various leaders, and they felt that a peaceful march among themselves was needed to open up lines of communication and work on peaceful co-existence.

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Even though Nipsey Hussle was not killed as the result of a gang dispute, the death has sent a clear message to the community regarding violence.

The gangs plan on calling a truce, and believe the older veterans of the organizations understand the importance of peace in the community.

The memorial march, which will end up at Nipsey’s clothing store, and the place of his murder, is not open to the public.