Multiple People Hospitalized During Nipsey Hussle Memorial

Hundreds gathered at the location of Nipsey Hussle‘s death for a memorial, but a loud noise caused chaos to erupt and ended with multiple people in the hospital.

The vigil began Monday night on the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw outside of Nipsey’s clothing store. During the memorial, people mistook a loud noise for gunshots and began fleeing the scene. Many were trampled in the stampede, and 19 people were transported with injuries.

One victim is reportedly in critical condition from being hit by a car. The LAPD quickly responded to the situation and let the crowd know that all reports of gunshots were inaccurate.

After the dust settled, many of the mourners returned and the crowd grew in size throughout the night. As of Tuesday morning, the vigil remained up and people were still stopping by to pay their respects.

Meanwhile, the LAPD has released the name of the suspected shooter, and are currently on a manhunt to locate the 29-year-old man. As we reported, the killing of Nipsey was not the result of a rival gang war, but rather a personal beef between the two guys.