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Nipsey Hussle Memorial Tickets Sell Out in Minutes, Fans Upset

By TheBlast Staff

11:00AM -- A message displayed on the AXS ticket site stated: “All Tickets for the Nipsey Hussle’s Celebration of Life have been distributed and no additional tickets will be available.”

Staples Center has also announced that all the tickets have been distributed and no others will be handed out.

Minutes after tickets for the Nipsey Hussle memorial were went live ... they weren't available ... and fans who got left out in the cold believe they got the shaft on paying final respects to the fallen hip-hop star.

Staples Center had announced a limited amount of tickets for "Nipsey Hussle's Celebration of Life," that were set to be free for fans to claim as long as they signed on Tuesday morning to get a place in the queue.

After the site went live at 10 AM, thousands logged in for a chance to get their tickets, but within minutes were told that no more tickets were available.

Many fans were irate, especially considering they waited online for hours to get tickets to the special event. It's unclear if there were a certain amount of tickets set aside before they went live to the public, as many celebrities will surely attend and pay tribute to Nipsey.

We reached out to Staples Center and AXS to see if anymore tickets will be made available to fans who missed out.


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