Nipsey Hussle Tattoo
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Nipsey Hussle Fans Get Tattoos & Haircuts to Honor Slain Rapper

Nipsey Hussle‘s death has rattled the hip-hop community, and many fans are getting tributes to the rapper in the form of tattoos and hair designs.

Multiple photos of tattoo tributes began appearing online in the days after Nipsey’s killing as fans look for a way to express their grief over the loss.

Along with portraits, fans are also paying tribute to The Marathon Clothing, Nipsey’s store and the location of his death.

One barber, Rob the Original, took things to a whole new level with a 3D haircut he designed on the head of a fan during an event in Chicago.

As we reported, hundreds of people gathered for a memorial Monday night in Los Angeles at Nipsey’s clothing store, where he was gunned down Sunday afternoon.