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Nicole Eggert Alleges She 'Messed Around' With Scott Baio As a Minor: See The Video

By TheBlast Staff

Nicole Eggert and Scott Baio are in a war because the former "Baywatch" actress claims Baio "messed around" with her when she was under 18-years-old, which he staunchly denies ... and The Blast has obtained the video that started the entire feud.

Eggert appeared on Nik Richie Radio back in 2013 and revealed that she had a romantic tryst with Baio during, and shortly after, "Charles in Charge" was on the air. Eggert says the two "messed around" a "little bit during the show," but claims they did not engage in actual intercourse at the time. She equates the hook up to getting to "third base," and stresses that she was 16 and he was "in his 20s." Later in the interview, Nik presses Eggert and discovers that she eventually lost her virginity to Baio around the time she was 18.

Eggert's accusations in the explosive video -- which The Blast edited to remove content not related to Baio -- have recently been called into question after his legal team squashed a planned appearance by Eggert on "The Dr. Oz Show" because they say her accusations are false and would damage Baio's reputation. Baio's team says Eggert contradicted her own claims during the interview with Nik, however, now that The Blast has unearthed the full video, it seems she was very clear there was some sort of sexual interaction between the two while she was still a minor.

Eggert has now enlisted attorney Lisa Bloom to guide her through taking on Baio publicly, which she plans to do this week on "Megyn Kelly Today." She flew out Monday morning from Los Angeles to NYC.

As for what she'll say, Baio's rep tells The Blast they will be watching Eggert's interview very closely, and are adamant "Other than the single episode of sexual contact that Nicole Eggert initiated when she was an adult, and confirmed repeatedly in the interview, there was no other sexual contact between her and Scott Baio.”


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